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Driven by a need to bring innovative products and enthusiasm to the market, in February 2016 Controlling Power took the first steps to create a business who's focus was on far more than just a successful operation.

Carefully selected staff working as a close knit team are able to fulfil the elusive work life balance.

We achieve this by ensuring staff are included in decisions and provided with the flexibility that allows them to commit to the peaks and troughs of a manufacturing business.

With our heavy duty copper fabrication equipment and plentiful stock in our factory, we manufacture anything from small control panels and distribution boards to large main switchboards and generator boards.

Controlling Power is proud to be members of NESMA and the NSW business chamber.

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Scott Emerson

Managing Director

After beginning an electrical apprenticeship in 1995, Scott quickly moved on to engineering and switchboard design completing an advanced diploma in electrical engineering. With a busy mind for ideas, Scott has been involved with innovation and product development for many years with some ideas and products on the verge of completion.

Voluntary involvement in the National Electrical Switchboard Manufacturers Associstion (NESMA), Scott spent 7 years as the secretary of NESMA (NSW) and is now the current president.

A member elected counsellor on the NSW Business Chamber and a member of the EL006/8 committee responsible for the new AS/NZS61439 series of standards.

David Butler

Production Manager

After joining the Controlling Power in our first year of business in 2016, Dave soon showed his skills in management and organisation along with CAD work.

David is extremely level headed and knowledgeable in IT and computer systems, an invaluable trait with switchboards getting smarter.

Dave is a proud active member of RFS and Scouts and is extremely generous in his volunteer time to the community.


Andrew Lacina

Andrew has been involved in the electrical industry for over 20 years, starting his apprenticeship with a commerical automotive company making industrial baking machines.  16 years ago Andrew began working with Scott Emerson and his electrical engineering companies. He spent the first nines years working on the construction of commercial switchboards, before moving in to production / drafting within the company.

Derek Maher

Derek first started out as a 3D Mechanical Engineer 25 years ago, designing commercial ovens and coolers for various companies. During this time he worked on making commercial ovens fully automated for the use in large bakeries.  Derek joined Controlling Power just over 12 months ago, using his expertise in 3D Solidworks to design custom Stainless Steel outdoor switchboxes for company's like Ausgrid. He has also been creating copper bar drawings to minimise wastage in the construction of these switchboxes.


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26/222 Wisemans Ferry Road

Somersby  NSW  2250

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